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Headshot and personal branding photography in London

Your headshots are our business.

Here at Personal Branding UK I have been photographing people and making them look their best for 20 years. In the connected world we live in today, its more important than ever to show yourself in the best light possible. You may need corporate headshot photography for your work profile, Linked In or social media images. I work with actors and models to produce headshots and portfolios, and also individuals for blogs or dating websites. Whatever you need I can help you with a professional headshot that will convey your personality and add creditability to your profile.

It’s easy to book your headshot photography session with us. Our sessions have simple fixed rates for any location in the city.


Our corporate clients value my professionalism and effeciency. Working quickly and discreetly to produce great business headshots with a minimum of intrusion.


Creating publicity photos and headshots for TV presenters in London and across the UK. I also work for TV and film production companies producing publicity and unit stills for use worldwide.


Actors headshots are their branding and marketing in the industry. I have been working with actors for 20 years and I create memorable actors headshots that CD’s remember.


No matter if your a professional model or an aspiring model, your models headshots are one of the most import photos you will have taken. A great model portfolio will be the gateway to a busy professional model’s life.


Headshots for influencers

In 2021 influencers are a part of a modern forward thinking marketing strategy for most B2C companies. Image is everything in the influencer industry and a professional headshot will showcase your style and your brand values. By using a professional photographer as an influencer you are having someone understand your story, and frame that in a way that will help build your brand.

Personal Branding Photography

Many business owners these days are turning to personal branding photography as a way to build their brand and promote their business with a far more personal touch. It’s not hard for many people to see why this technique has become so popular in recent years. With social media taking over our lives and working its way into our daily routines, it’s only natural that people will buy off other people they know, like and trust. 

Headshots At Your Office

As one of the top London headshot and commercial photographers, I create fabulous headshots for commercial, corporate, linkedin, Facebook and other social media profiles. I come to your office in London and take professional headshots saving you time and hassle.

Investment Bank London

The headshots you did for us recently are fantastic. By coming to our office and being as efficent as you were, it really had a minimal impact on our team members working day and the results were just what we were looking for.

Tessa Actress London

Yes! They live up to their promise, I am delighted with my actor’s portfolio and headshots. It really helps to have such awesome photos to help casting directors to choose me for the part.

Charlotte Influencer

I Will never use anybody else for my influncer headshots and photography. I have been looking for a photographer who can produce a consistent look and who understands by brand completely. 

Headshots and promotional photography


Charlotte Hawkins

Headshots and promotional photography for Charlotte Hawkins. Charlotte started at Sky news and can now be found on GMB.

TV Promo stills

Spencer Matthews

Promo stills for The Batchelor TV series, photoshoot was at a villa  in the South of France between filming at 3am.


Emma Crosby

Headshots and stills for Journalist and newsreader Emma Crosby. Emma is a newsreader for Sky and ITN.

Gates Foundation

Alex Holmes

Headshots for Alex Holmes, anti bullying campaigner and Gates Foundation advisory board member. 


Headshot photography pricing

We have several options. Decide on a preset plan or discuss with us a bespoke solution to your photographic requirements.


Headshot Lite
  • Includes 3 retouched photos
  • I come to your office
  • Hi Res images
  • Copyright included
  • Digital download within 24h

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