Personal Branding for Small Businesses

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Some small business owners would say that they have set up a business to get away from the one-man-band identity. By making their business look bigger than it really is, they believe they can sell at a higher level and possibly land bigger and better customers. I would venture to say this way of thinking is not working and it won’t work for your business either.

Why should a small businesses look at personal branding?

People buy from people – not businesses. Unless you’re ordering a book online, you want to know the people behind the business. This is especially true in service and high-end sales environments, where customers only buy from credible sales people with strong brands. Blue chips are giving their managers personal branding training to turn them into better ambassadors for their employer. The trend is growing and personal branding will be part of everyone’s induction training one day.

What about start-ups?

Personal branding is extremely important to start-ups – possibly even more important. Customers buy from a few individuals – not really the business brand, which has to be developed over time anyway. Having people with strong personal brands working for a start-up basically means they lend their credibility to the business. Leveraging your employee’s personal brands is probably one of the most cost effective ways of marketing and promoting your business.

Call to Action

The sum of a company’s personal brands make up the corporate brand and beyond. Start taking action today by reviewing your staff’s brands and look at what improvements can be made. Remember that social media and personal branding are areas that have only just taken off and they will only grow over time.

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