Four Social Media Outposts You Ought to Have

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Where does a person need to be online to get maximum exposure? There used to be a troika of applications you should be on, this has now turned in to a quartet with Google Profiles joining in on the fun. Here are the fab four:

1. Linkedin

300 million professional users cannot be wrong. Linkedin is the prime hunting ground for sales people and where every entrepreneur must be. Once you have signed up and optimised your profile, the next step is to get active in groups and discussions. Raise your personal brand by becoming an expert in your field, perhaps even starting your own group to promote yourself or your business.

2. Facebook

With over 1.2 billion users, Facebook easily dwarfs Linkedin in terms of users. Most people use Facebook for personal use, to share pictures and catch up with friends. With the advent of Fan pages, increasingly people are seeing the professional value of Facebook as well. The real pros will have different privacy settings for different connections. I recommend having a full profile that you can share with ‘real’ friends, and a limited profile which you can use for business. It goes without saying that the limited profile should be completely customer-friendly.

3. Twitter

The most viral social media channel of them all. Although not boasting as many users, there are no less than 500 million tweets posted daily in the Tweetosphere. Twitter allows you to follow customers, competitors and see what is happening in your field in real time. Tweet under your name or pseudonym, read and share interesting stories from your industry and build up a following. Some people have almost given up emailing in favour of Twitter, you should at least have a presence.

4. Google Plus

The latest addition to must-have arsenal. Google recently linked up their Gmail (some 150 million users) and Google Plus, which is tipped to rival Twitter for micro-blogging. As it’s a late arrival, I would suggest using Google Profiles as your portal page. You are allowed to list your other online profiles and link to your blog or personal website. A killer feature of Google Profiles is that it’s very SEO friendly, meaning that your properly filled out profile will rank high in search engine results.

Final thought

These four free social media applications will not only help your business and personal brand, they will also allow you to stay on top of the news feed in your chosen field and keep you enlightened. Knowledge is power they say, so use it wisely now!

photo by: Highways Agency
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