brand yourself get business_0Personal Branding UK is one of the country’s top career blogs, cultivating a community of over 50,000 members across LinkedIn, Twitter and our own mailing list. Most of our readers are based in the UK, Ireland and The Netherlands.

This translates into a significant increase in exposure for you, your company and/or your services and the opportunity to expand your network of customers, clients and followers.

If you are solely interested in advertising opportunities, Personal Branding UK offers countless ways to promote your organisation, products and/or services across Personal Branding UK blog and career networks.

Banner Advertising

  • Featured Site Ad: Feature Sites are rotating logos located just below the homepage slideshow. 468×
  • Banner Ad: The 468×60 banner ad appears at the top of every page next to our logo. 300×250
  • Banner Ad: The 300×250 banner ad appears on every page of the blog on the right sidebar. 125×125
  • Button Ad: The 125×125 button ad appears on the right sidebar of every page on the blog.

Network Advertising

Personal Branding UK isn’t just a blog. It’s also an engaged career community across several different social and professional networks. Network advertising opportunities include:

  • Feature in the Personal Branding UK LinkedIn group weekly announcements
  • Promo shout-out tweets to the Twitter network Feature and on the Facebook page
  • Feature in the Personal Branding UK Email Newsletter


If you’re interested in any of the advertising opportunities above or would like to propose additional ways we can partner, please email your message to Personal Branding UK. We will reply to your message as quickly as we can!