Why Employers Care About Your Personal Brand

In the new era of social networks, employees are the new face(s) of corporate culture. Personal Branding is being taken seriously by employers and is a better way towards growth for both the employer and employee. Just as, Routine Jobs are OUT … [Read more]

37 Great Ways to Thrive on LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our friends at BootCampDigital recently created a useful infographic listing 37 ways to boost your personal brand and network on LinkedIn. Key takeaways: Write a catchy headline and summary - this is your first impression and it should be an … [Read more]

How to Develop Your Personal Brand

How to Develop Your Personal Brand (via Dice News in Tech) “You really have to stand out from the crowd,” says Leslie Stevens-Huffman during a packed session on how to develop your personal brand at Silicon Valley Code Camp in Los Altos, California. … [Read more]